Some stuff I've worked on:

"VAS-Utils" is an umbrella term I use for stand-alone pieces of code I think others can find useful. I don't want to package them up because I dislike third-party "utility" library packages (they always come with junk you don't want), so I post them here with a liberal license that lets you use them in pretty much any program:

I hack on Parenscript, a Lisp-to-JavaScript compiler that I think offers the right balance between offering full Lisp features and producing "nice" output. For what I mean by nice, you can listen to the talk I gave to LispNYC about Parenscript, which can be found somewhere here.

My solution to the ILC 2007 programming contest. Compare to my entry to the ILC 2003 programming contest.

Thinlisp 1.1 tarball. Thinlisp was originally developed at Gensym for their own use, but later abandoned and released to the public. The project itself has a homepage at SourceForge, but due to losing my SF account and general lazyness, the updates I made never got put there. Maybe someday that will happen. Be warned that the subset of CL used at Gensym was a strange one, so expect surprises (some of these are documented in my tarball). In the mean time, you might also want to check out CLiCC, which is a similar system.