This isn't meant to be a formal bibliography, just some things I've written/co-written that I think others will find interesting.

Sedach, Vladimir; Lim, Eunice; Fraser, Kurtis & Kremer, Rob. The Karta-CASA framework: Concept mapping and multi-agent systems. Technical Report 2005-797-28, University of Calgary, Department of Computer Science, 2005 is a paper I co-wrote along with Eunice Lim, Kurtis Fraser and Rob Kremer. It gives a nice overview of some of the work being done by the Knowledge Science Group at the University of Calgary, the benefits Multi-Agent Systems can bring to software development, and my personal views on software engineering.

Charles Babbage: A brief overview of his life and work is an essay outlining the accomplishments of Charles Babbage, derived from a term paper I presented in Dr. Cooper H. Langford's excellent Science Technology And Society (STAS) introductory course. Notably, it almost entirely avoids the subject of the Difference and Analytic Engines, and dispels some of the myths around Babbage's role as railroad pioneer.

Karsa Poster for the Student's Union Undergraduate Research Symposium. Brina Goyette, Sean McIntyre, Vladimir Sedach. Ok, not really much writing, but it's got pretty pictures. (Karsa is the continuation of work on Karta-CASA).

Some more non-essay stuff: here (pdf, 6MB) are the slides for a presentation I gave on how computing systems can fit E. F. Schumacher's concept of appropriate/alternative technologies in Martha Whitney Langford's excellent Science Technology And Society (STAS) 325 course in 2004. Ideas such as (classical) hacking, Lisp, Richard Stallman's Free Software, Richard Gabriel's Mob Software, FPGAs, and computer recycling are all considered for their applicability to the appropriate technology role, with some surprising conclusions.